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Technology Committee

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April: Committee Meeting

Attendance: Ohavia Phillips, Seiko Havis, Jahlisa Misenheimer, Eva Johnson, QuWanya Thompson, Felicia Misenheimer

Discussion Points:

* Creating a survey to begin technology education

* Technology education sessions to be help after chapter meeting ( tentative, 1hr)

* Chapter Meeting run of show pain points with resolution ideas

* Convert presenting documents into canva/prezi presentation

* Discontinue presenting and require sorors to utilize their personal mobile

devises ( phone ipad, laptop ) during meeting

*Google Meets/zoom to display documents during the meeting

*Vet password manager - Keeper

*Posting to social media approval process

*Can technology repost sorors outside of LUO that are being highlighted on a national level without protocol approval

*Scheduling technology office hr to assist committee chairs with the website

*Tech presence on each committee. Consider joining as tech POC

· Tech POC on each committee

  • List of committees: (*need Tech POC)

  • Programs - Soror Qu, Soror Eva, Soror Tamesha

  • Connection*

  • Finance Soror Eva

  • Fundraising - Soror Felicia

  • Sisterly Relations - Soror Felicia, Soror Qu

  • Protocol*

  • Constitution/Bylaws *

  • Membership - Soror Felicia, Soror Qu

  • Mentoring - Soror Qu

  • Publicity*

  • Scholarship*

  • Strategic Planning - Soror Qu

  • Standards- Soror Eva

  • History/Archives - Soror Jahlisa, Soror Jasmine

  • Nominating - Soror Robin, Soror Felicia

Spiritual Care*

** Plan May working session and tech outing.

*top golf , Puttery

Website Updates:

Auto generated response.

Felicia Misenheimer


This committee shall be responsible for the development and ...
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