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AKA Black Dollar Days: Unleash the Power!

Wear Pink, Spend Green, and Buy Black as we harness our collective buying power to support Black and minority-owned businesses. Make the pledge to spend $19.08 per week and track your expenses by signing into the Members Only portal. Under the “Program” drop-down menu, click “Resources”, and find the “Black Dollar Days” tracking form to enter your weekly spending.  Imagine the impact we can make, the businesses we can uplift, and the lives we can transform when we come together as one unstoppable force!

What’s our goal? …..To again spend $8 million in one month! In addition, each Friday is "PINK FRIDAY" highlighting different industries where you can funnel your dollars to Black-owned businesses within each category listed:

June 7:   Restaurants - Indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of Black-owned eateries and savor every delicious bite.

June 14:  Services - From beauty salons to legal services, choose Black-owned businesses for your everyday needs and specialties.

June 21:  Retail Shops and Boutiques - Explore boutiques and retail shops where every purchase supports Black entrepreneurship.

June 28:  Black-owned brands at Walmart and Target – Let’s show major retailers that representation is important.

Sorors, you asked how we can support our own sorors who are entrepreneurs and owners. As a reminder, there is an AKA Business Directory located on our website where you can search for soror-owned businesses to support. If you’ve not registered your business, go to your profile in Members Only and add your information to the Member-Owned Business section near the bottom of the page.  

Each week in June, we’ll spotlight Black-Owned Brands and share more information on how your spending will make an impact. Be sure to read your weekly EBlasts for more details.

On "PINK FRIDAYS," prepare to showcase your support on social media by Wearing Pink, Spending Green, and Buying Black. Use the hashtags #AKAPinkFridays #BlackDollarDays #BuildEconomicWealth and tag @akasorority1908.

Wear Pink, Spend Green, and Buy Black—it's not just a mantra -- it's a movement!

Let's make Black Dollar Days 2024 the most unforgettable yet!

Don't forget to track your spending! It's easy as 1, 2, 3! --> Buy Black Purchase Submission

  1. Visit and log in to the Members Only portal.

  2. Go to "Program" > "Resources."

  3. Access the "Black Dollar Days" tracking form and enter your weekly spending.

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